Caldes V8 Developer Features

The 'all new' V8 Developer is the latest spreadsheet based development appraisal and cash flow tool from Caldes. For a list of benefits, see the home page.

V8 provides a host of features including:

Microsoft Office Store Excel Add-In

Following an enormous amount of work, V8 Developer replaces V7, as an Excel Add-In downloaded directly from Microsoft, plus an accompanying spreadsheet model.
Microsoft Excel is well established as market leader in the spreadsheet world for power, speed and most importantly, reliability.
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New Project Wizard

On starting a new project, let the 'Wizard' simply guide you through the development appraisal process, building your project step by step.

Appraisal Spreadsheet

The appraisal is the simplified presentation of your project, bringing together all the different elements in one easy to read report.
To download a sample PDF, click here


Add up to 4 different tranches of land all with their own fees and stamp duty figures automatically calculated (or you can add your own figures).
Differentiate between Residential and Commercial stamp duty caluculations.
Add a fixed land price or target land price based on a profit requirement.


Add core figures for your project such as construction fees, planning and building regulation costs, letting agent and sale agent fees, finance rate, VAT and recovery and bank arrangement fees.


Add up to 50 different unit types and an unlimited number of subtypes, including internal (net) and external (gross) floor areas, rental or sale values, ground yet, yields, stamp duty, aquisition costs, income and cost dates, s-curve your construction costs, add contingency, lump sum costs and tenants inducements.
You can also look at the sub type breakdown, such as Affordable percentage verses Open market.

Cash Flow

The cash flow provides an interactive month by month report of your project. Add in new costs or income directly to the cash flow or let the V8 developer work out the spread.
Add up to 4 different tranches of finance or adjust your VAT structure, item by item.
Automatically build cash flows from 1 month to 10 years.
To download a sample PDF, click here

Sensitivity Analysis

Instantly see the effect of changes in rental or sale value, net or gross floor areas, land cost and build cost.
A mini appraisal is shown at the top of each sheet for an instant summary of how changes affect your project.


To download the PDF brochure, click here.

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